Why Redsi

Redsi will work closely with you to get an in-depth understanding of your business, your customers and what you’re trying to achieve digitally. Redsi has considerable experience working on complex digital projects for large companies and specialises in crafting user experiences that are clear, simple, and engaging.

Our role is to help you by creating the best possible user experience by understanding capabilities, risks, constraints and opportunities around all aspects of your project.

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Every new challenge is approached with an open mind to understand problems and identify the opportunities - to listen, observe and learn. In our experience, it’s worth investing time and effort in planning to ensure things run smoothly in the later stages of the design process.

Understanding objectives
Organise discovery research, and workshops with stakeholders. The outcome of this is to identify business and user needs, understand risks and goals, and ensure that everyone begins the project with a shared understanding, direction, and priority.

Research and analysis
Build the context of the product or service. It’s all about empathy; conducting user interviews, and understanding the their needs. Learn what services currently meet those needs and how are they performing and conduct competitor and market analysis and user surveys. If you have an existing product, reviewing analytics, heuristic evaluation, content strategy, product context, and user research can all provide valuable insight to inform the design phase.

Scope and Requirements
Determine and document specific project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and ultimately costs. We are comfortable working alone or alongside BAs and Project Managers to define and capture the requirements to ensure that everyone understands and agree how the project goals will be met.

Design concepts and sketching
With a plan in place and well understood user needs, we use various tools but see pen and paper as the best and most efficient. This can be a solo effort but collaborative workshops can foster the best results using; whiteboards, scrap paper, post-its and open minds to connect the dots and start shaping the solution. The key is to bounce ideas, filter, sketch, and refine these into something that can be developed.

Prototyping and MVPs
Prototypes range from paper sketches to Axure prototypes that look and function like the product. It allows experimentation with multiple approaches and ideas, it facilitates discussion through visuals instead of words and it reduces risk by identifying issues early, reducing cost and leading to a better design solution. The concepts and sketches are refined into advanced deliverables such as wireframes, journey maps and detailed high-fidelity prototypes. These can then be tested with users and customers.

We carefully choose the documentation that is necessary to progress the product through to launch. As we work closely with a project team, producing a huge wireframe document may not be necessary. Likewise, we can provide instruction to a development team as highly detailed documentation, annotating every interaction. We choose the best tools for the job and always ensure that time and money isn’t wasted on deliverables no-one will use.


  • Clarivate Analytics
    Clarivate Analytics Client side / Discovery / UX strategy / Test / Lead
  • Pension Wise
    HM Treasury, Pension Wise Client side / Discovery / User journeys / Test / Lead
  • Thomson Reuters
    Thomson Reuters Client side / Discovery / User journeys / Test / Lead
  • Capgemini
    Capgemini Agency / Discovery / User journeys / Design / Strategy / Test / Manage
  • Barclays
    Barclays Client / Discovery / User journeys / Design / Strategy / Test / Lead
  • European Directories
    European Directories Client / Discovery / User journeys / Test / Lead
  • TUI
    TUI Client / Discovery / User journeys / Design / Test
  • Lloyds TSB
    Lloyds TSBAgency / Design
  • National Grid
    National GridAgency / User journeys / Design / Test
  • BSkyB
    BSkyBClient / Discovery / User journeys / Design / Test
  • Virgin Media
    Virgin MediaClient / User journeys / Design

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