Create wireframes for websites that could be contextualised and built dynamically by small businesses and sales representatives

European Directories


Sketch, test and iterate the design for the web build platform to be used in 10 languages

European Directories

European Directories

Art direction

Combining all ux work to offer design direction for the look and feel of the various themed sites

European Directories

The Challenge

This was a lead role to create a European multi-language website builder platform for SMEs. My role was to make sure all designs were complete and met UX best practice and robust enough to work in multiple languages for varied business use.

The platform included web, tablet and mobile products with a focus on Lead Generation and Lead Conversion. Board-level presentations, international collaboration, QA testing and consulting.

The job also involved travel to many of those countries in the company portfolio, and training the local teams from a design perspective.

Agile work with Product Owners, BAs and Developers (in-house, off-shore and out-sourced) internally and in multiple global offices, QAs.

Work undertaken

Strategic research, out-sourcing qualitative and quantitative research, UX design audits, UI requirements, sketching, wireframes, UX sign-off, CMS user testing (in person and remotely), training off-shore teams in new systems, art direction, pattern libraries and style guide.